Tuesday, December 18, 2012


It was a great morning!!!

6ºA: Christmas in.....

We will be able to see the projects made by 6ºA regarding Christmas in different countries. This time we have a video created by Rui Escariz where he explains what is Christmas is like in Ireland. You've done a great job:

This mural was created by Sergio Torres, Miguel Angel Rodríguez, Hector Martínez, Oscar Rodríguez and Cesar Vázquez:

 This video was filmed by Iago Oubel, Eric Friedrich, Pedro Pazos and Andrés Alvarez

This mural about Christmas in France was made by Carmen González, Miriam Blanco and Claudia Cabaleiro

Monday, December 17, 2012


This stop motion video was created by Lucía López, Lía Caride and Sabela Figueroa. As soon as we get the audio, the video will be uploaded again.

This mural was made by Gabriel González, Sergio Beltrán and Diego Guisande. Good job, boys

This booklet was made by Alba Ibañez, Gala Gómez, Mara Domínguez, Natalia Lorenzo and Celia Correa. Great Job, girls.

Sunday, December 16, 2012


This is a great job. Congratulations to Pablo Dominguez and Roi Caride 6ºC

 Great job, Anxo 6ºC. I liked the introduction.

Kwanzaa dress by Julia 6ºC

Pablo and Roi talking about Kwanzaa

Pepe Alvarez's Booklet

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Tatiana's Play

This is the play that Tatiana has prepared. I made some corrections, not all. We will rehearse on Friday. Be ready.


Today is the twenty fourth of december. Tomorrow is Christmas Day. Tatiana  and her friends are excited because they are going to do a party at the disco. They will put a big christmas tree.

Tatiana is the course representative this year and she is in charge of preparing the Christmas party.

I have to prepare the party today and my friends can help me, I will phone them.

NARRATOR:   First of all, Tatiana is phoning Ana

TATIANA: hello Ana, can you help me to prepare the party?

ANA:  I´m sorry but I am at violin class.

TATIANA:  don´t worry Ana, I will phone Aitana.

TATIANA: Hi Aitana, Ana can´t help me because she is at her violin class. Can you help me to prepare the party?.

AITANA: I´m sorry Tatiana, but I´m in Barcelona.

TATIANA: don´t worry Aitana, I will phone Claudia.

TATIANA: hello Claudia, can you help me to prepare the disco party?.

CLAUDIA: I´m sorry Tatiana but I´m going to Barcelona by car to be with Aitana.

TATIANA: don´t worry Claudia. I will phone Laura.

TATIANA: Laura, help me please!. Ana, Aitana and Claudia can´t help me to prepare the party.

LAURA: What?.

TATIANA: the party decoration, I need help!

LAURA: I,m really sorry Tatiana.I am with Andrea, Noa and Sabela at Sabela´s home. We are listening to you by the phone loudspeaker.

NOA: hello Tatiana
SABELA: hello Tatiana.
ANDREA: hello Tatiana.
NOA, SABELA and ANDREA: sorry. We can´t help  you to prepare your party.!

TATIANA: don´t worry. I will phone Carmen.

TATIANA: hello Carmen, can you help me?.

CARMEN: To decorate the party?. of course!


CARMEN: Ok I´m going.

TATIANA: Oh Yes, please!.

CARMEN: that´s ok. And our friends?.

TATIANA: Ana is at her violin class, Claudia is in Barcelona with Aitana; Laura, Noa, Sabela and Andrea are at Sabela´s home in Lugo.

CARMEN: and Antía and the boys?.

TATIANA: I don´t know. Let´s phone her.

TATIANA: Hello Antía, What are you doing?.

ANTÍA: I am riding a horse at “La Muralla”.

TATIANA: ok, ok, bye then.

TATIANA: Carmen, Antía is riding a horse at “La Muralla”.

CARMEN: and the boys?.

TATIANA: I don´t know

NARRATOR: Five minutes later Carmen arrived to the disco where Tatiana was.

TATIANA: Carmen , thanks for coming.

CARMEN: you´re welcome!

NARRATOR: At that moment someone knocked the door.....Knock, knock. It was Ana

TATIANA: hello Ana, what a surprise!.

ANA: hello Tatiana, I have finished my violin class and I wanted to help you to prepare the party.

TATIANA: come in, I am with Carmen. She is phoning the boys to ask them if they can come.

CARMEN: Hello Ana.

ANA: hello Carmen.

NARRATOR: Five minutes later... Knock, knock. The boys were there

TATIANA: Hi boys!.

BOYS: hello girls!.

TATIANA: Im going to order a pizza for dinner.

LUIS: great idea  Tatiana!. Where are the rest of the girls?

ANA: I don´t know.

CARMEN: they are all far from Vigo.

MANOLO: don´t worry. We will prepare the best party of your life.

CARLOS and FÉLIX: really?.

LUIS: Manolo, You are boasting.

MANOLO: I am not boasting, I am the prince of the party. Don´t you know me?.

ANA: of course we know you

EVERYBODY: Ja, ja, ja…

TATIANA: thanks to you all. This is the perfect Christmas party!

Monday, December 10, 2012

5ºB Exquisite Corpse stories

You did an excellent job. I know there are mistakes, some are big mistakes, but the point now is to speak english fearlessly. We will focus on correcting those mistakes next term. Good Job boys and girls

Monday, November 26, 2012


Lucía Castro 6ºB

Mara Dominguez 6ºB

Good job to all of you. As soon as I get more pictures, I will upload them in this post. Thank you very much for your commitment.

Friday, November 23, 2012

For 5ºB: Five sentences

(Optional) For 6º B: Thanksgiving Play

This play has a narrator, four Pilgrims, and three Native Americans. You can make costumes or just use hats. Its a lot of fun and a worthwhile learning experience!

Narrator – This is the story of the very first Thanksgiving. The Pilgrims have just come over on the Mayflower from England. The year was 1620. The place was, Massachusetts in the New World they called America.
Pilgrim #1 Thank goodness we have finally landed in the New World. Our boat ride from England was long and hard.
Pilgrim #2 It is cold here. I am not used to so much snow in the winter.
Pilgrim #3 Neither am I. Maybe there are other people around here who can help us.
Native American #1 Welcome to the New World. I am Squanto.
Native American #2 I am Massasoit. I am chief of my tribe.
Pilgrim #4 Welcome. We are Pilgrims who have just come here from England. We are cold and hungry and our food supply has run low.
Native American #3 Do not worry. We will show you how to catch fish in the streams.
Native American #1 And we will show you how to plant corn, pumpkins, and beans.
Pilgrim #1 You are very kind. And we will share some of our food with you.
Native Americans That is very good of you.
Narrator - Squanto, Massasoit, and the other members of their tribe taught the Pilgrims how to survive in the New World. And the Pilgrims helped the Indians in return. When the first harvest came in the fall of 1621, the Pilgrims made a special feast to share with the Native Americans. That is the story of the very first Thanksgiving.

Monday, November 19, 2012

For 5º and 6º: Puppet Pilgrim Tube

Print the puppet pages of your choice. Color them and cut them out. Wrap the
strips around a toilet paper tube and tape them in place. These puppets can
be used t
o recreate the Thanksgiving story.